The Emissions Trading Scheme: time for your thoughts

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Chris Trotter has a pleasingly simple view on the world sometimes.  If something is supported by Labour and opposed by National it is good.  This is his view of the ETS despite the fact that it risks very real inequities that could hurt ordinary New Zealanders at the expense of big business.  Hence his plea this morning that the Greens “get with the programme” and support the ETS (and Labour).

Sadly for us, it never has been that simple, because ‘sustainable’ Labour has continually tried to water down the legislation to favour agricultural and transport polluters making it not only harder to support but at risk of being counter productive and damaging to the environment.  Jeanette and her team have been negotiating for improvements for a long time now and have won some changes:

“On some of the issues we have not been able to make progress. We have not been able to get agreement to phase in transport instead it will come in in one lump in 2011, so this has not changed. We have made very little progress on agriculture but we are still talking about this. Very importantly we have not found a way for Government to accept a biodiversity standard to ensure that planting pines does not destroy biodiversity.

“On the other hand, it appears there will be substantial financial assistance to help people make their houses warm and dry. We have also made good progress on ensuring that the ETS does not lock our economy into old technology and that there is room for innovation. There will be better rules about allocation plans.

And now she’s seeking feedback from others on whether to vote for it or not:

At the beginning of this process we said we wanted to be as open about these negotiations as we could be and now we have reached a point where the Green Party caucus has to make a decision about this next Tuesday and we would like some feedback from New Zealanders before we do.

We are now keen to hear from New Zealanders any views they have before we make our decision on Tuesday.

People can email their opinions to

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