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g.blog was busy over the weekend with Ari joining to report on an innovative new solar glass technology that concentrates different colours of light into a focused border around the edge of the glass:

…part of what makes solar power so expensive is that the light that we collect for it is very unfocused, and so you need a very large amount of solar cells in order to collect a modest amount of power. However, with these new materials, we could potentially just line the edges of sun-facing windows with solar cells, while the material concentrates the light directly onto a much smaller amount of solar cells by shining light to its edges.

myflathasmould has a cycling adventure on Dunedin’s Moray Place:

and next thing I know I am being forced against the curb by a taxi. A bang on the window makes him aware that I am there and I narrowly avoid being squashed, We both stop. I enquire (Probably not the most politely given the adrenalin factor) “Didn’t you see me?” or something along this line and he starts getting into me for being in the wrong place on the road? He refuses to tell me exactly where on the road I should be – (Perhaps that’s the problem)

jackhumm asks if rural Southland is changing from family farm to factory farm?

Milk, fertilizer and finance companies are flush with the success of agribusiness in our region, but their gain is in contrast to the fortunes of Southland’s farming families. They’ve had to move on. The ‘economy of scale’ didn’t suit them. Rural townships and communities don’t thrive when families leave for the urban areas. Schools shrink and dry up. Community halls sit unused. Sports clubs and service groups struggle to find members.

He also tells the story whitebait:

…making their way through the murk of our rivers, feeding on particles of whatever floats their way; effluent from cows and the faecal coliform bacteria that go with it…

Toad wants to know why when people talk about beneficiaries they are always blaming the mothers but not the escaping fathers? Xaviergoldie is also talking about social welfare policy and dignity for beneficiaries.

And greenwatching has this hilarious piece of greenwash from the Warehouse:

The Greens are the new black

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