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Russel and Sue Bradford announced the Greens’ Community and Voluntary Sector Policy yesterday. As Toad noted at, the headline announcement was getting pokies out of our pubs:

This recognises that it is not only vulnerable individuals, but much of the community and voluntary sector itself, who have inadvertently become addicted to gaming machines and the revenue provided by them.

The policy would establish a $150m fund to compensate community organisations for the loss of “pokie trust” grant revenue from abolishing pub pokies. The level of the fund would diminish over a period of time, as community groups take initiatives to gain access to alternative sources of funding.

But the rest of the policy is a very detailed recognition of the importance volunteers and community groups play in our communities. Take for instance the community economic development measures which will create and maintain an enabling environment for community banks and credit unions, support the development of local currency and time banking schemes, support local community development and transition town initiatives aimed at dealing with the impacts of climate change and peak oil and support the maintenance and development of local markets including crafts and farmers’ markets.

A community banking network would help keep money circulating locally and help overcome problems that local groups and organisations have with access to capital, reinvests profits locally supporting community activities and voluntary organizations; as well as providing innovative micro finance for small business.

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