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  1. There hasn’t been a UN force in Iraq since UNIMOG in 1991, which was supervising the Iran-Iraq ceasefire.

  2. “don’t know how the UN can make an illegal war legal though.”

    they didn’t, but peacekeeping forces are fine.

  3. Hey at least we would now be able to win the rugby world cup and the cricket world cup.

    couldn’t any country in the world invade NZ, just stick their soldiers on some 747’s and land them at Auckland Airport.

    We sent the engineers into Iraq after the UN made it legal, I really don’t know how the UN can make an illegal war legal though.

    Also I guess we were in Afganistan Illegally as well, this time with combat troops.

  4. Was that under any UN auspices by that time though? If so – that particular action is ‘legal’.

  5. “b) following USA into illegal wars”

    We did follow them; you have forgotten that Helen Clark sent Army Engineers to Iraq back in 2003, albeit some months after the invasion. Just because we didn’t send troops doesn’t mean that we didn’t follow them.

  6. well, they and some NZers are prone to calling us the ‘6th state’ (maybe 7th? cant be bothered finding out – stuff them! 😀 )

  7. Hilarious! I for one would like to take this opportunity in advance to welcome our new Australian masters, in return I simply ask to be appointed Territorial Governor.

  8. They could do it though, and it would settle the question posed in other threads, of just what NZ should be, once and for all.

    Hell, half the US thinks NZ is part of Australia even now… while the rest think that Australia is where the governor of California got his accent.


    … but jingyang is right. It would be totally redundant. Sort of like the US invading Texas… which might not be a bad idea come to think of it 🙂


  9. Of course the Aussies don’t need to invade, since they own most of the country anyway, without the need to actually govern or occupy it 🙁

    And there is most likely a willing seller for any other resources they may want.

  10. Kind of amusing; kind of incredibly creepy. It made me feel sad thinking of the many other equally fine places around the world who do get flying visits from boys in fighter planes dropping death from the sky.

  11. Funny as..
    mind you we could defend ourselves
    by a) up the defence budget_ which would stuff any tax cuts
    b) following USA into illegal wars
    – so we could get help when asked

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