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I noticed a few frogblog comments recently perpetuating the false belief that the Green Party knows nothing about and has no experience of business.  I’ve always thought this was a bit of a fallacious argument – implying also that National does not have enough experience in, say, conservation to be allowed to govern on that issue or that Labour lacks enough first hand experience in hairdressing or truck driving.  But let’s assume the argument holds water and look at what the Greens top 12 candidates offer in terms only of employment experience.  I’ve just picked from the website what seemed to be their one or two main paid employment jobs and listed them accordingly.  By necessity I’ve left out a lot of work experiences, including all their political work, to keep this post shorter than a novella:

  1. Lecturer
  2. Researcher and farmer/gardener
  3. Community development worker and tutor
  4. Lawyer and researcher
  5. Reporter, director, producer, film-maker
  6. Book store manager and factory worker
  7. Chief Executive of District Health Board
  8. Education co-ordinator and author
  9. Senior Lecturer and diplomat
  10. Business advisor and lecturer
  11. Climate campaigner
  12. Manager of horticulture business and shop owner                           

It’s a bit hard to say that there is no business experience there.  I count 6 successfully involved in management of private sector businesses and/or independently self employed. I suspect what some people are really complaining about is that it is not big multinational business experience.

If I had to pick a real imbalance in that top twelve I would say it is overly literate and engaged in education.  That’s certainly not something we want is Parliament is it?

More importantly though it’s probably important to look at what each parties’ candidates did in their unpaid time because that sends a stronger signal as to where their passion and commitment lies.

[UPDATE] – I see StephenR has also looked at this issue too.

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