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It seems like John Key has got a big thing for supporting business – Australian business, that is!

First there was National’s neither confirm nor deny position on its campaign relationship with Aussie attack politics consultants Crosby Textor.

Then Key was forced to admit that a National-led Government would want to privatise ACC – despite privatisation supposedly being off the National Party’s agenda.

ACC claimants certainly don’t want privatisation, and even the Employers’ and Manufacturers’ Association was less than enthusiastic. So who benefits? Funnily enough, it’s not New Zealand business, but the big Australian insurance companies.

Hot on the heals of National being forced to confirm its Aussie business friendly plans for ACC, Scoop’s Gordon Campbell has now revealed there are strong indications the National Party intends using Mission Australia, a large corporate style Australian NGO, in a public-private style contracting arrangement between the state and the community sector.

Mission Australia is no ordinary, friendly, grass-roots driven Australian NGO. It is a huge business in Australia, feared by smaller NGOs as it gobbles up available contract monies and starves smaller NGOs of funds. It also acts as an enforcement arm in relation to income support and Aussie work for the dole schemes. [pdf file]

John Key’s affinity for Aussie business seems to be such that the National Party may need to consider relaunching itself as the Aussie First Party.

Meanwhile, John Key front up to New Zealand NGOs and let them know just what National’s plan for the community sector here actually is. Privatisation of the Government’s relationship with the community sector would be a huge step backwards for New Zealand. Contracting out services like this through big corporate players is very reminiscent of the Wisconsin model which the National Government of the late 1990s touted so strongly.

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