Gareth Hughes – Green Candidate Number 11

The last of our series of candidate videos for now is of Gareth Hughes.  Every time I write something about Gareth on this blog it seems to draw lots of readers and lots of comments so I suspect this post will be eagerly anticipated. 

Gareth grew up in Gisborne, where he was interested in cars and rugby before moving to Wellington, to study religious studies and history. At Victoria University, Gareth became a vegetarian and developed a passion for environmental campaigning. He worked for Greenpeace New Zealand and Australia from 2000-2005. During that time, he was a volunteer activist on the Climbing action team member and a Boat action team member. Gareth was a crew member of the Rainbow Warrior on the 2004 Bottom Trawling expedition. He worked for Greenpeace in various roles for 5 years. He currently works as the Green Party climate campaigner.

Sadly this video below does not include his classic ‘I don’t remember Roger Douglas’ riff from the same speech – but the edited bit we have got is also uplifting.

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  1. I’m wondering what the action of censorship suggests, Frog? That the thread was recognized as being potentially damaging?

    Some of the views expressed were *very silly*, and it would appear you agree, eh?

  2. BluePeter,

    Think you are right, in which case there is sensorship on the frog blog.

    Which frog is totally free to do off course. But he should have the common decency to indicate as much on the blog.

    Notice also that the comments portal is no longer on line. So you cant even see the comments you have made and which frog? has deleted.

    If it is true then it is sad.

    Will have to visit your blog more often, looks good.

  3. From what I can see in the profile, Gareth appears to be yet another mini-me Bradford activist. Is it any wonder why few people take the Greens seriously….

    Lets hear from people who can a) articulate a vision and b) provide the roadmap (an economic analysis, for starters) of how we get there.

  4. Thia post tells us nothing about Gareth. My guess is another Sue Bradford protege as there is a set of ideas you (apparently) have to accept for advancement in the Green Party; for example: knowing what’s right about child discipline (repeal section59), which Gareth was involved in and “heaps more te reo”. A non electrician shouldn’t touch a switch board but Green politicians have a Sue Bradford Diploma.

  5. Gareth Hughes has a bright future in Politics and more importantly in educating New Zealanders of the important issues which which will shape this country over the next ten to twenty years. Gisborne born and raised with a strong understanding of both local and global issues, this guy has passion, a clear direction and more importantly commitment. What we need today is leadership not salesmanship. Best of Luck Gareth you have my support.

  6. Hey Eredwen
    Yeah, I have wondered from time to time how some of these posters find the time to argue back and forth when they obviously aren’t looking for anything more than a ideological spat. I am too busy working, living and generally having fun to do likewise, and can’t see why someone would choose to spend their precious time provoking and retaliating. I am all for passionate debate, and believe the essence of democracy requires open and frank communication of ideas and opinions among citizens, but good lord, some of these people should really get a life.

  7. Meghan,

    I agree with you! “Gareth Hughes is pretty amazing.”

    That is why he has achieved 11th place on a very strong list of candidates which was ranked by all Green Party members.

    The increase in the number of “resident trolls” on frogblog is just one indication of the increasing profile that “Green” has out there in the community. (Their behaviour on frogblog, plus the fact that they spend so much time here, is another indication … )


  8. Stephen R -“Meghan, nice of you to turn up, but you may or may not know that the blogosphere can be an odd place at the best of times…”

    Sorry, I don’t get what you mean?

  9. Patrick Starr, he isn’t finance spokesman now is he? So who gives a damn for his plans to get NZ out of recession…not me, really.

    Meghan, nice of you to turn up, but you may or may not know that the blogosphere can be an odd place at the best of times…

  10. >>what will you do when ACT get a low vote

    > Crack open another whiskey. What do you suggest?


  11. You know, I may be a bit biased considering I am married to Gareth, and am the mother of his child (who takes after his father and is also very handsome), but I have to say Gareth is pretty amazing.

    Patrick Starr: I am sure you will be delighted to know that Gareth hasn’t been eaten at McDonalds the entire time I have known him (almost 8 years), so protesting outside is the closest he has gotten to a happy meal. And coke – we don’t drink that either. So I can pretty much guarantee that he is climbing things because he is high on the spirit of youth and wanting to do something to improve the world his family lives in.

    Gareth is actually currently in Newcastle to attend Climate Camp (, so unfortunately he won’t be around to field questions from you all. He will be disappointed I am sure.

  12. Trees of tomorrow. Once you realise that some of the more in your face, why let the facts get in the way of a rant, posters on this site are either on the payroll of someone or on the dole or independently wealthy and making a career out of posting on Frog blog and other blogs you will probably just shrug your shoulders and ignore them like most of us.

  13. Yes Gareth, you’re exactly what the country need to get us out of a recession. Just look at your CV:

    “has been involved in activism for many years, including being arrested dressed as Ronald McDonald, climb buildings and unfurling a protest banner in Tiananmen Square?

    was it the happy meal or do you just get the sugar rush with the coke and climb on things?

  14. >>what will you do when ACT get a low vote

    Crack open another whiskey. What do you suggest?

    >>you are prejudiced bigots, who are old and grumpy.

    I resent being called “prejudiced”!

    >>cheer up fellas

    I’m quite cheerful, thanks 🙂

    Gareth seems like a nice bloke. I just though the speech was a little light and “fluffy”. Yes, yes – the future is uncertain, and the end is always near – as Jim “The World Didn’t End In The 60s But I Did” Morrison. I’ve heard it too many times before to believe it.

    Would have liked to hear the “I don’t remember Roger Douglas” bit.

  15. trees

    What point is there in research and carefully constructed arguments when you have such a closed mind on most issues.
    When confronted with a point you do not like you revert to name calling and petty labeling.

  16. AaronC, this Gareth was never a NFA’er, as far as I know. I have seen him in a harness hanging out of trees however!

  17. “research and carry arguements” – one does a fair bit more than the other, i’ll say that.

  18. im chilled, its their pride in arrogance towards anything the green party and people who are altruistic in aotearoa support that they deride.

    they take pride in selfishness, which is a rather stupid thing to always spam about on a green party blog.

    people like big bro, think they know someone like gareth, because they have a head full of steriotypes, cynicism and a lot of emotional baggage.

    do you support them stephen? i dont get what they get out of coming here. its not like they do research and carry arguements that are persuasive.

  19. big bro and blue peter… what will you do when ACT get a low vote….?

    have either of you met Gareth? No – you are prejudiced bigots, who are old and grumpy.

    who come to frogblog to display ignorance, arrogance and power grumps.

    cheer up fellas.

    good luck gareth.

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