Kevin Hague – Green Candidate Number 7

Luckily someone managed to capture on video some of the speeches that high ranked Green candidates gave at the Green Party conference a month ago.  here’s the first of them; Kevin Hague, Green Party candidate for West Coast Tasman and number 7 on the party list. Currently Kevin is the Chief Executive of the West Coast District Health Board.

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  1. What mr Hague needs to do is sort out the mess at Grey base hospital before he thinks about forcing people to change their diet.
    Heavily pregnant women are now having to travel to Christchurch to give birth, through roads covered in snow and ice and all they get is a $100 petrol voucher for a 530km round trip. If they can’t or don’t want to go they have to sign a waver saying if anything happens to them or baby the hospital is not liable.
    What a bloody joke.
    Should fit into the green party nicely.

  2. But if they do not, we all bear the cost through our health system, which doesn’t look like it’s going to get privatised anytime soon.

  3. I’m not seeing any evidence of this being the “smart” party. Mention a PC buzzword, and they all start clapping like trained seals.

    What we need to do is honour the treaty of Waitangi? How does this lead to the outcomes you suggest?

    The solution to the problem is simple. People should get off their fat, lazy backsides, go for a walk, and eat less fatty foods. If they do not, the problem eventually solves itself.

  4. I think that the Greens can be proud to have someone of the calibre of Kevin Hague standing for them. He fully deserves his high list ranking and will bring a new strong voice into parliament along with considerable expertise in health management, a clear understanding importance of integrating a whole range of issues to have a healthy society, along with a genuine compassion for the marginalised.

    Kevin is someone I would give both my personal electorate vote and my party vote for – but as I dont live in his electorate I’ll have to content myself with giving the Greens my party vote and lobbying others to do the same so that he gets in.

  5. It’s kind of clear that anyone with some common sense won’t rise fat up the Green party ranks, like they’re all up there.

  6. Oh for Gods sake! if we want to improve maori health we need to “honour the treaty of waitangi”. Where Maori is a cultural identity freely chosen (ethnicity doesn’t matter) and the treaty guarantees tino rangitiratanga over tribal areas as exsisting in 1840 (tribal cantons), and the crowns role is a limited governorship .
    What a goose. 🙄

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