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  1. billy, don’t you worry too much about binge drinking grannys. That nice Mr Anderton solved that problem with the Sherry Tax or, if you’re a young gentleman, the Port Tax.

  2. Hoodie Day is part of Youth Week http://www.youthweek.co.nz/
    Youth Week has been happening for years now, with very little coverage in the media.
    Hoodie Day was developed by young people who thought it would raise the profile and create debate around issues of stereo-typing. The idea of people of all ages wearing hoodies (as if we don’t already) also has a message of building cross-generational relationships.
    I think it’s been incredibly successful.
    Personally I am very worried about the 55+ age group at the moment. Growing crime and alcohol problems as well as anger issues. I really do think a nice warm hoodie and some younger company could make all the difference.

  3. “admitidly the problem is not with the hoody so much as the people who wear them because of the advantages they offer in terms of hiding ones appearance and miscelanious other objects.”

    …And I naively thought my friends wore hoodies to keep their heads warm…

    I guess we’ll have to ban duffle coats and swandri’s as well, but instead what about promoting brightly coloured hair, mohican cuts and studded jackets with patches – the clothes ‘gangsta’ youf wore back when I was one?

    Nowhere to hide things and they make you recognisable rather than anonymous, plus its diverse and interesting. Come on Green MPs – show the way. Nandor, your dreads are getting old hat, a pink mohawk or green cone spikes would be a way to go out in style.

  4. Where the Greens fail is that they don’t show little open mindedness and fail to acknowledge complexity (despite wearing hoodies and having the Great Communicator* nodding approval).
    [Let me put that another way: with the exception of BJ and one or two others they aren’t perceived as being really smart- despite putting their hoodies on]

  5. and y’know..(back to green party praises/critiques..)..

    ..it was great how jeanette stood up in questiontime the other day and let labour ‘have it’ over their lamentable (ongoing) record on environmental matters..

    (and i hope she/they have been listening to the calls from the likes of laila harre..and..(ahem..!)..others..

    ..to ‘harden up..!..)

    but in amongst all that praise/surprise at ‘nice’ jeanette having a ‘sarcasm-moment’..

    i couldn’t help but think about the criticisms being hurled at former whitehouse press-dude mcclellan..over his ‘tell-all’ book..

    ..in that mcclellan is only confirming what we all already know..about bush/lies/war..

    ..and why has he been silent for the last five years..?

    and fitzsimons/the greens deserve that same question..

    our rivers haven’t suddenly become polluted..


    but because of a series of ‘arrangments’ with labour..

    (which delivered for the green party/movement derisory crumbs in funding etc..)

    ..fitzsimons/the greens have been exercising self-censorship..

    ..for nearly nine years now..!

    during which time we have gone seriously backwards..

    so..i guess all we can hope..

    ..is that there is more to this (new?) hardness/anger from fitzsimons/the greens..

    ..than just this brief period of electioneering..


  6. and bb..you must stop confusing me/lumping me in with green party official policy..

    ..it has been years since i had anything to do with the green party..

    ..and so cannot in any possible way represent them/their official’ thoughts..

    i will still vote for them..and will still praise/criticise them when i feel it is due..

    but it’s hard to avoid the fact i am in a ‘darker-green’ political position/lifestyle than many/most in the green party..

    (esp. including the mp’s/leadership..)

    that’s just a basic fact of life..

    (just being vegan/not wearing/using animal bye-products in everyday life..

    .. pretty much ensures that..

    so..bb..in summary..

    i am not now..and never have been..an official spokesperson for the green party..

    are we clear on that..?


  7. i want it fully legalised/market/taxed..

    ..with attendant consumer protections against ‘foul’ chemicals etc being used as pest control..etc..

    (just in case you were wondering where i ‘stand’ on this..bb..)

    and it’s interest how spoiling other peoples ‘fun’/freedoms..

    ..”..makes you very happy..’

    were you also like that as a child..?


  8. Phil

    “i’ve just been to the ‘08 cannabis cup function”

    And you want it legalised for “medicinal purposes”……yeah right!

    Ain’t gonna happen in our life time Phil and that makes me VERY happy.

  9. Actually no ari that name was given under a now dead empire which we are in name only, clinging to it’s dead corpses skirts out of fear of becoming something new.

    but then it’s moving toward something new anyway i just hope we see it before the plate whacks us sideways and taupo blows (sigh)

  10. i’ve just been to the ’08 cannabis cup function..

    (all in the name of journalism..of course..!..)

    ..it’s that time of the year when the best of the indoor..and the best of the outdoor..

    ..are sniffed/prodded/tested..

    ..it’s a ‘serious’ business..

    ..and i’m gonna bang something out about it on whoar tomorrow..


    and i took the boy to the scorsese/stones movie at the i-max..


    it’s really feckin’ good..!

    ..and you really should go and see it..eh..?

  11. Opposd the silly Labour Bill, jh, becsuse it was excessively authoritarian and wouldn’t work anyway. Which the passage of time has shown it hasn’t.

  12. Amon

    I don’t daemonize ’em… and certainly not for what they are wearing. I was describing the subculture however, and that is another issue entirely.

    In LA the deal is that every other kid wearing one is likely to be armed. They have no respect for anyone outside their crew, and they seriously do not care if you live or die. They don’t want to learn, and even if they did the schools there make the worst schools here look awfully good. As a subculture it is destructive. It takes them right out of any chance of being productive. It destroys the people around them who ARE productive.

    It is the subculture I have no use for.

    Here I can banter with them and by giving them more respect than perhaps they expect from a 56 year old geek I get *usually* a measure of respect back. They are people. They have rights and feelings and needs and one of those needs is to be taken seriously. Here they actually have a shot if they care to learn… the schools are not that bad. They can emulate the dress code, but the raw desperate nihilism of the street in LA is not really imaginable here.

    As for the rest of “my” culture, it has its good points and its bad points…. I don’t think you can classify me as overall being xenophobic about American culture. I like it… but it is not all of one piece.

    My argument however, was more limited. I was questioning the decision making process that saw some of the leadership of the Green party play-acting at being part of that same sub-culture in order to make YOUR point about it just being a sartorial choice. It’s a stunt that doesn’t play that well in Peoria…. or Petone. I can appreciate their point, but this isn’t the time for Greens to be making anything but environmental points.


  13. An american xenophobic of his own culture? interesting.
    I beleive that BJ does have a point though.
    daemonising and not celebrating are very different things, and i see no reason to celebrate american sub-cultures, the gang subculture is already more than rampant in NZ, i mean to say, whats that new one? the something bees?
    by no means should we say that they cant wear them, but it should not be celibrated, for one thing its a major security risk – easy to hide things – esspecially ones face – from a look at the theift board at any supermarket you will see that the vast majority are people wearing hoodies. (example not arguement)
    and by no means did it need to be done.
    although admitidly the problem is not with the hoody so much as the people who wear them because of the advantages they offer in terms of hiding ones appearance and miscelanious other objects.
    people wearing hoodies is not so different from people carrying guns, its not the act of carrying or wearing it that is the problem but rather the person that is wearing or carrying it, and more specificly their willingness to break the social contract by utilising the properties of the object. and yet im not allowed to carry a gun around town, though admitly for good reason, i might shoot afew hoods.

  14. ddad4justice Says:
    May 30th, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    What a fucking disgrace. You greens are mad freaks !!!

    I am absolutely appalled by dad4justice’s language. I am surprised that frog allowed this post. I am very offended by this disgusting language.

    It make it even more offensive if dad4justice is the same person who portrays himself as a Christian with Andy Moore and co-manages a blog called “Kiwis want to keep Section 59”

  15. Amon- we already did, to New Zealand 😉

    D4J- did anyone actually try to stop it airing? It deserves to be aired with a disclaimer that some of the views expressed are acknowledged by the people involved as being counterfactual or misrepresentative. 😛

    I’d suggest you waste less energy labelling people despicable and try to stretch your brain into actually explaining why you find them such if you want anyone to take you seriously. And here’s a hint: calling people nanny-state socialist engineers is every bit as much of a label as “despicable”. Try using actual facts and concepts instead.

    Bj- And apparently we’re xenophobic, huh? 😉 While I’m not a fan of some of the “sub-culture” you’re referring to either, I think it is a very extremist position to demonise our youth for wearing a piece of clothing that hides their hair. A little empathy couldn’t hurt, and this is a start to that. Maybe it could’ve gone lower-budget, but it needed to be done. Too bad people like Dad didn’t learn anything from it.

    Optimist – She’s Metiria Turei. 😉

  16. Grow up phil and get some psychological spin doctor to inject you with more utopian medicine, so you can remain oblivious to a wasteful government who will go down in the history books, as selfish – despicable individuals. This country will take decades to fix the damage inflicted upon its people by the nanny state -socialist engineers, who should be incarcerated in a facility for the criminally insane.

  17. so..d4j..having been bottled..

    ..why aren’t you anti-bottle..?

    ..it’s not hoodies that bottle people…it’s bottles that bottle people..


  18. For your interest I was bottled in the face by a hoodie thug at my front door. The culprit escaped justice because police couldn’t give a stuff as to what happens to me. To be fair to the hoodie thug -police have administered more beatings than the hoodie club. It’s no utopia in the cops dungeon.

    I am not a sauce freak and certainly do not need psychological help.Why don’t you just do what the abhorrent Sue Bradford did to me at a Select Committee hearing – just ban me as you deluded cowards can’t handle derogatory criticism. Get real and stop the bleeding heart liberal crap. Why do the greens support criminality on a grand scale? Hoodies are for thugs who promote intimidation and dwindling community respect.

  19. and who on earth comes up with/supports these/such ‘stoopid’ ideas..?

    (nice hoodies..!..tho’..zippered..and all..!)

    (here’s an idea..!..

    send/give them to the victims of the natural disasters in china/burma..!..

    turn ‘bad’ publicity into ‘good’..)


  20. and as for ‘hoodie-day.’.?

    a feckin’ misguided waste of time/energy/money..

    ..a ‘stoopid’ idea..

    ..once again..

    where’s the pay-off..?

    ..let alone the/any feckin’ ‘dignity’..?

    (good grief..!..)


  21. gee toad..could you have got what i said ‘more wrong’..?

    ..from his burblings..i gather d4j is a fan of the brown amber..

    ..the thought has never entered my head that d4j was/is a meth-head..

    ..are you getting your word ‘confused’..?..toad..

    ..reading ‘at speed’..as ‘on speed’..?

    (they do have different meaning..y’know..)

    it is a literacy issue you have..?



  22. Wow

    D4J is a bit extreme but there is a point to be had in this.

    It WAS a bad idea. Not because of D4J but because there is a truth in the assertion that the sub-culture from the US being emulated/worshiped/re-created here, is a destructive thing that contributes nothing to that society and will detract from this one.

    It isn’t about the clothes… but the attitudes that go with them. Which is perhaps why this WILL offend a fair few New Zealanders, some of whom might be otherwise inclined to vote Green but will be put off by the posturing and the mistake… that this is about sartorial choices, that is evident in our representatives donning the hoodies and making this statement.

    Will we get more of the “youth” vote, possibly. Have we offended everyone from the left-center to the far-right? Absolutely. Was it NECESSARY? Hardly. …. and it was particularly un-useful to do it now in the run-up to the election. Yes…the party stands for a lot more than simple preservation of the environment but PRESERVATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT COMES FIRST. Getting more votes is how we as a party get the power to Preserve the Environment. Making this sort of “statement” puts it all at risk because it is NOT a move well-calculated to reassure voters of our priorities.

    IS it? !


  23. philu said: that ’splat’ you just heard.. was him hitting the wall.. at speed..

    Ah, speed, that explains it all! Of all drugs, that’s the worst one you could pick for retaining your sanity.

    Thanks for that insight, phil – the chemical influnce on d4j’s posts (I know there’s a chemical influence on yours too phil, but at least dak doesn’t completely destroy your cognitive analysis).

    Oooh, where’s Amphetamine Annie when you need her, d4j?

  24. d4j is barking..has been for some time..

    ..tracking also proves he has a strong ‘monthly cycle’..

    ..’times of the month’ when he froths even more than usual..

    ..i’m picking this is one of those times..

    (is that right..?..darling..?

    ..do you just need a big green hug..?



  25. d4j – please get some professional psychological help. The more I see of your comments, the more I think you need it.

    From your posts, you seem to hate women, teenagers, Greens, and even those in the Labour Party whom I myself have little time for, but still don’t hate. We are all are “pitiful freaks? in your words – everyone who doesn’t conform with your perverse hateful ideology.

    I really think you need to stop hating, and learn to debate ideas, rather than label and abuse people.

    The other alternative is to just get off this blog, and phone Leighton Smith on a reguar basis.

  26. As for political debate, how can I debate with fools that are trying to stop a Prime Documentary on the hip science global warming bullshit. You are so full of hyperbole you wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit you on the bum.

  27. You greens have insulted the intelligence of decent New Zealanders for far too long now. Your party is a disgraceful bunch of people who dishonour our Nation’s integrity. The incident involving Nandor was fact but it was swept under the carpet.

  28. d4j – why don’t you go stick your head down the dunny and get rid of whatever is giving you such a gutsache.

    No-one on this blog thinks posts like above are clever or even interesting! Boring comments designed to insult don’t make for good political debate.

    If you don’t agree, put up a real argument, based on facts. Calling people “pathetic filth” doesn’t enhance your cause – most people dismiss you as a moron if you just abuse others who put up valid (but challengable) arguments, without actually challenging the arguments.

  29. Zealandia was taken from what the geologists named that part of the sunken continent that we are apparently a part of.

  30. I’ve got one that merges the old with the new and transforms it to something else but my people won’t go for it neither will our pakeha which is sad as sooner or later we have to face up to the fact that we have to redefine ourselves or be forever locked in crisis

  31. Wow!

    Five negative and insulting comments from five obviously “not Green”s.
    Don’t you people have lives of your own?

    I think the photo of three of our Green MP’s is beautiful.
    It depicts three colleagues, all hard working, principled and considerate people, each with a with great sense of community and a good sense of fun.

    Well done Sue, Met and Nandor!

  32. It’s good to get stuck in to these important issues.

    Also what about wearing your trousers around your knees? I think that could be a good one. Who’s the one in the middle? That might get the youth vote up to 25%.

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