Tonight Jeanette will be speaking in Ilam, Christchurch, and releasing the Green Party’s coal policy.

In the mean time here’s some coal related videos. You may have heard Gerry Brownlee talking about ‘sexy coal‘ but this General Electric ‘ecomagination‘ ad campaign from a couple of years ago actually uses sex appeal to sell coal.

No chronic bronchitis and emphysema in that mine.

There is also this controversial video from Peabody Energy, that said Iranian, Venezuelan and Russian leaders were smiling because of the Kansas governor’s recent rejection of two applications for coal-burning power plants.

No wonder Solid Energy is spying on the Save Happy Valley protesters – they probably want to turn New Zealand all coal-less and communist like North Korea. Oh, wait

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  1. Former-Moonbat said:
    “Wind, solar etc etc is currently NOT better at delivering affordable RELIABLE energy…” (than what we have)

    Our present electricity squeeze is caused by low rainfall, so the hydro that we are largely relying on isn’t very reliable. Over the long term, wind is MORE reliable than hydro. Over the short term, hydo is reliable, until the lakes run too low. The two complement each other. Solar and wave (when we get it) may or may not be as reliable as hydro or wind. However the combination is more reliable than any one alone. Geothermal is the most reliable of them all, and can be used to reinforce hydro, complementing wind, solar, wave and tidal. The last – when we get it – may be as reliable as geothermal, although it can only be available about half the time.

    We can’t rely on oil or gas for long – they will run out in the quantities that we would need.


  2. I think the capacity for the non-wealthy masses to do much on the efficiency front is fairly limited.

    The wealthy(eco inclined ones?) can buy efficiency measures with relatively high upfront costs and long-term pay-offs.

    Have you factored in how completely dependent so much of our civilisation is on oil related and coal related energy? Replacing that RELIABLE energy in any significant way by alternatives is currently VERY expensive. I can see SO MANY things creeping up in price if we further exacerbate the rise in energy costs(eg by carbon taxes etc) and therefore subsequent product costs.

    I’m with you on eventual cleaner energy, but not so fast! Too much wishful thinking can be extremely dangerous. I think the vision of a clean utopia can be deadly if we reach for it too fast. First think survival, then think very careful implementation.

    At the end of the day, a slight rise in pollution is preferable to deep and crushing poverty, bought on by a switch to very expensive and currently unreliable energy sources(due to the catastrophic product cost increase spin-offs).

    When it comes to crucial life sustaining essentials (like energy), stick with what you have got until you have something definitely better. Wind, solar etc etc is currently NOT better at delivering affordable RELIABLE energy.

  3. Former-Moonbat, If we were using energy in an efficient amnner then your dire prediction would be correct. Fortunately we waste most of what we use so the price could quadruple and most of us could end up spending no more than we do today. If power prices increase by 10% each year then you only need to reduce your consumption by 9% a year to keep your power bill constant. 10% compounding means the power price would double in just 8 years and quadruple in 16 years. The best news is that for most householders and many businesses a one quarter reduction in power use would cost less than they are currently paying to use that power.

  4. Poverty is pretty bad for one’s health.
    Grossly expensive and or unreliable energy(as alternatives currently are) will cause poverty and therefore mass health problems.

  5. I live on the Orbiter route so it’s a convenient way to get to the uni/teachers college part of Ilam. Looks like a shortish walk from the Church Corner stop.

  6. Thanks for the heads-up. But where abouts in Ilam? Urgent answer needed cos some of us shift workers have had to take a sickie cos thats the only leave we can get at such short notice.

  7. Green Party coal policy will be interesting to see. Probably along the lines of their nuclear power, gas-fired power station and new hydro-electric plant policy it will be summed up in one word: NO.

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