Minimum Wage (New Entrants) Amendment Bill

Formerly the Minimum Wage (Abolition of Age Discrimination) Amendment Bill.

Sue’s Bill has passed – Here’s her speech at the third and final reading – or you can listen to it.

It wasn’t the whole kittenkaboodle that Sue’s original Bill hoped for, but it is huge step forwards. The Maori Party stuck to their guns and opposed the Bill.

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  1. I think the plan is good one. I hope it would bring advantages on the part of workers.

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  2. The new employers checklist,

    1, Do not employ and young woman who has not had children, you will only have to hold her job open (at great expense to the employer) for twelve months while she decides if she is going to return to work, better to hire older people with mature children.

    2 Do not bother giving a chance to a young person as at the age of sixteen they are usually slightly better than useless, you have to pay full wages now so you may as well go for the more mature candidate or just not bother hiring another person.

    It will be interesting to see Labour and the Greens attack the incoming National govt when unemployment starts to grow in youth and young woman, I cannot wait to see how they will manage to massage the stats to blame the Nat’s for their stupid decision.

  3. I’ve yet to meet a 16 year old who has a solid grounding in applied mathematics, but I guess it’s possible.

    Usually better if they’ve been to university first, though….

  4. “I don’t employ youth workers – they don’t have the skill and experience required”

    Good move, all employers should think like you. Then we can have a whole population of unskilled and inexperienced workers.

    Not really forward thinking is it?

  5. I wondering if Sue has ever employed people?

    I don’t employ youth workers – they don’t have the skill and experience required – but if I was in a sector that did employ them, and had to pay the 16 year old the same rate as the 18 year old, I’d take the 18 year old, all else being equal. The maturity level would be a factor.

    I do think it comes down to the individual – a 16 year old may be as good a worker as the 18 year old, but there is increased risk in employing people with no/less previous experience (life/work), which is almost always the case with 16 year olds.

    None of this matters much if the the unemployment rate is low, but might change when unemployment levels rise again.

  6. and also by a broader concern at the way in which so many older people in this country disrespect the young, a disrespect which the pay differential simply serves to magnify.

    in more enlightened cultures we respect the elderly. 🙄

    (there only young briefly) 😕

    What does Sue want to do next? 😯

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