Audioblog: Metiria on the Maori Purposes Bill

by frog

Haven’t had an audioblog for ages, and Metiria delivered an excellent speech on the Maori Purposes Bill in Parliament last week, so it seemed like a good time. You can download the speech as an mp3, or listen to it streamed.

It’s definitely worth checking out. She uses material from The Hollow Men to attack both National and Labour on Maori issues, and outlines why the Green Party is strongly opposed to setting a deadline for lodging historical Treaty grievances.

At one point, while she is detailing the cynical tactics behind Don Brash’s first Orewa speech, National’s Anne Tolley raises a point of order demanding to know what that has to do with the bill. The answer, of course, is that without the dog-whistle politics of that speech whipping the country into a frenzy, the Government would not now be legislating to set a deadline for Treaty claims, since the only reason that policy evolved was in an attempt to respond in kind to National’s racist rhetoric.

Unfortunately, the bill subsequently passed, with only the Greens and the Maori Party voting against it.

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