Jeanette on the newly announced coastal inquiry

Jeanette and the Greens were pleased yesterday with Conservation Minister Chris Carter’s decision to use his statutory right and decline consent for the controversial Whangamata Marina, which would have gone against the wishes of local iwi and harbour users and destroyed an ecologically valuable salt marsh. (Others were not so pleased, as this TVNZ clip (first item under ‘One News’) shows).

She was even more pleased this morning to hear that the Minister has announced an inquiry into coastal development guidelines, because all New Zealanders have an interest in the protection of our coastlines, which are increasingly under development pressure.

In this interview (1.0MB, 6’00”), which is available as streamed (m3u) or download (mp3), Jeanette talks about the issues surrounding the decision, the pressures on our coastlines, and why the Greens have welcomed this decision.

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  1. fight for your right to drink gin and tonics in an exclusive club with the right people!

    I think its shocking that the government should be allowed to have a say in how the countryside is used. If we just privatised the whole country this wouldn’t be an issue and rich people could just buy up all the nice spots and build exclusive clubs and keep the riff-raff out, eh?

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