Swear words

by frog

NZPA reports:

Green Party MP Nandor Tanczos followed the Maori Party’s lead by inserting “Treaty of Waitangi” into the oath of allegiance.


Maori Party members stood as Mr Tanczos read out his pledge to the Treaty and Crown. They, last week, tried to swear allegiance to the Treaty of Waitangi, but repeated the correct oath when asked.

Mr Tanczos was asked to repeat the oath omitting the Treaty reference – but was applauded when he added “also” to the end, implying his first pledge still stood.

That’s all true, but they have omitted that before referring to Te Tiriti, Nandor swore allegiance to “the people of Aotearoa”, something the Maori Party didn’t do.

Regardless of the variety of views on The Treaty, I’d suggest that most Kiwis would think that our Parliamentarians should be swearing allegiance to us, not the head of state, particularly given that the position is currently not elected and its holder lives on the other side of the world.

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