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  1. Good to see this thread revived. The only problem is that Meyt isn’t the whip any more. Kennedy Graham is the whip and has been for this term.

    Since all the parliamentary terms refer to objects, which symbolise the power that they represent, I have always had a problem with the whimpy term ‘musterer’, because it is not an object.

    I suggested once at a meeting that a musterer’s tool was a crook, but the notion of calling our whip a crook didn’t go own too well!

    Stick with whip I say. Nothing wrong with it within the context and understanding of history. We still refer to the Chair as the Chair, and I think in it’s gender neutral use it is perfectly acceptable. (I’m sure I’ll get rebuked by some frogblog reader for this.)

  2. The expression ‘whip’ in the parliamentary context has its origins in hunting terminology. The term ‘whipper-in’ is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘a huntsman’s assistant who keeps the hounds from straying by driving them back with the whip into the main body of the pack’. According to the Dictionary the first recorded use of the term ‘whipper-in’ in the parliamentary sense occurs in the annual Register of 1772: ‘he was first a whipper-in to the Premier, and then became Premier himself’. However in his The House of Commons in the EighteenthCentury P.D.G. Thomas cites two examples of the use of the term that pre-date 1772

  3. I can assure you the Meyt is quite handy with a whip; no self respecting anarcho-femme would use any other method to motivate he-cattle to haul their chariot down Ponsonby Road!

  4. i just hope she uses it – the whip – in a caring, sharing peace-loving way. Rumour has it that the whip it safely behind glass ie break only in emergencies. Will the mistress be able to resist the temptation?

  5. As a fellow anarcho-feminist, I assure you that the remark was made in completely bad taste,with lashings of sexual overtones!!!

    Stuey, between the whips and the Beltane jokes, you’re developing quite a little profile on this blog…. 😀

    That whip sounds like a complete don’t miss photo-op, how do you get press passes into the caucus meeting??? Well, frogblog is going to be awaited with baited (not abated) breath on Tuesday!

  6. no they are real questions, because the green party do have a real whip, a 12 foot leather number. I’m not claiming they are the most important questions of the day, but for political junkies, it would be nice to know where the whip in question came from, to see a photo of Rod Donald handing over the whip to Mistress Meyt (which apparantly is going to happen on tuesday at caucus meeting) and to find out if other parties present their whips with a real whip.

  7. More insightful questions from stuey.

    Unless, of course, he’s actually kidding.

    It’s hard to tell with old stuey.

  8. Yeah I always thought Musterer was an odd title, it suited Ian Ewen-Street but not the other green MPs, I mean you might as well call the position “the sheepdog” and the Green MPs sheep.

    I’d like to see a photo of the whip though.

    Do other parties actually have a real whip?

    Where did the whip come from?

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