tadpole ‘toon

Debate cartoon

You will have noticed that frogblog‘s cartoon, tadpole ‘toon, has now gone daily, because the campaign has begun. You can look forward to a cartoon five times a week from now till the election. All the cartoons are collected in a single place here.

UPDATE: TV3 enjoyed this cartoon so much, they featured it on Campbell Live in their pre-debate coverage 🙂

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  1. The first time I heard Helen Clark’s voice on the radio (2 years ago), I thought I was listening to a man. I just about fell over when the reporter finished up with who I’d been listening to.

  2. What makes Dunne’s drugs policy even more hypocritical is his absolute opposition to smokefree legislation. Dunne has voted against every peice of legislation designed to curb the environments in which you can smoke. Not very family values to have cigarette advertising for sport and smoking in cafes I wouldn’t have thought…

  3. I must say that is my favourite tadpole toon of the 10 so far, and the one I find the funniest, but then, as someone who hates Dunne and Anderton for their “anti-drugs” policy hypocrisy I’m biased.

    Must say I agree with PQ today who would want to listen to a bunch of middle aged white men yell at each other, so (a) hopefully Jeanette will stand out in a positive manner (because she won’t be doing any yelling) and (b) isn’t MMP wonderful, it promotes diversity in our Parliament just needs to go further, lets have more young people, women, asians and pacific islanders in Parliament!

  4. should be a big shambles debate fwwog, no frilly girls to look at, i tried, Heather Roy turn out a strict Matron, who want to listen to a lot of middle age bloke yell at each other,

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