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  1. Again: Tax cuts are not bribes?? Change the record Percy. I would love to give you all your money back, including GST and any other tax if I could completely shut you out of any public service or facility.

    After all your driving your car on a road part paid for from my taxes would mean that you would be hoping to use something for nothing that I had paid for in part from my taxes.

    Of course another approach to beat them is to quit work altogether…then there would be no tax to pay? 🙂

  2. Percy, how can if not be other people’s money, if it is necessary to borrow money from overseas to achieve the cuts? Your point of view seems very naive.

    Whether or not you decide that these two offers are bribes or not, it is quite clear who they are targeted to.

    Brash is targeting “Ordinary New Zealanders” – according to his recent interview with John Campbell, this is people who get up in the morning and go to work, and come home (and sit down and watch TV?). Note that he doesn’t mention students, caregivers, etc. Blanket tax cuts always means an increase in the division of wealth, as the highly paid get more back. In other words, he’s giving to the rich while pretending to give to everyone – a typical right wing ploy. See also Bush’s recent tax cuts, giving ordinary people hundreds and people like IBM $1bn and General Motors $690m.

    Clark on the other hand is offering relief for those who have found themselves burdened from the last big dip into the public cookie jar when Student Loan schemes were invented as a way to shift the cost of education from one generation to the next. 1993 was when the Student Loan scheme came into effect under Jim Bolger. And it seems people are feeling the burden of this short sighted loan scheme.

  3. I was wondering about what you thought of the fine given to Andrew Hore and his mates for shooting a seal. It seems a bit small to me.
    And Tax cuts are bribes, people pay for living in a decent society through taxes, hence higher the taxes, the more decent the society.

  4. Again: Tax cuts are not bribes. Returning people’s confiscated property is not a bribe. You cannot bribe people with their own money, only with other peoples.

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