A mystery

There’s a big photo of Mark Blumsky – National’s candidate for Wellington Central – on the front page of the Dominion Post this morning. His right eye and nose are badly bruised.

He says he cannot remember what happened to him during four hours early on Saturday morning. However, he also says that he’s adamant he was assaulted. I’m not sure how you can square these two statements. How can you not remember what happened but be sure you were assaulted? Couldn’t he just as easily have fallen down some stairs and hit his head?

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  1. Zoe:

    And with all due respect, I’ve been approached in such a manner by a Labour candidate. I said, “Not interested, honey, have a nice night” and she took the hint most graciously.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, a Police investigation is ongoing. I doubt anyone here has access to that investigation or Blumsky’s medical records, so nobody is speculating from a very informed place.

  2. I feel rather sorry for him also & I don’t think it’s fair to speculate. I’m sure it wasn’t the intention, but this is being treated like entertainment

    He said on TV the last thing he remembered was campaigning in a bar on Courtenay St then waking up at the bottom of the stairs. Not that it’s right to resort to violence of course, but if I was enjoying my night out and some politician came up to talk and talk to me I wouldn’t be too impressed! Perhaps especially if said politician stands for ideals in stark contrast with my own.

  3. There needs to be three votes in the election: party vote, candidate vote and sympathy vote.


  4. Memory of the 5 to 10 minutes immediately preceding a traumatic head injury is explicitly lost. That’s exactly consistent with what Blumsky is saying…

    Losing 4 hours is also consistent with being unconscious due to being knocked on the head.

    He’s entitled to the benefit of doubt Frog, and I think this topic ought to be off limits for Greens. It isn’t as though he was drunk on duty in some fashion.


  5. Remember Keith Allen, the National Party Minister of Transport who claimed he was assaulted when he was found passed out in public. His Prime Minister, Rob Muldoon, backed him up, even saying he had seen the blood on Allen’s shirt. Turned out Allen was later filmed staggering drunkenly home from Parliament late at night, and his assailants were identified as Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Johnny Walker.

    Not to say that Blumsky was pissed too, but concussion is not the only possible explanation for memory loss, so I think Frog is quite right to point out the inconsistency between knowing you have been assaulted but having no memory of the incident.

  6. Frog:

    I’ll disagree with Mr. Farrar. Trev and Steve are frolicing in the gutter, the innueno frog is rather disingenuously claiming not to float is much closer to the bottom of a sewer.

    I’m sure this matter is being thoroughly investigated by the Wellington Police. Perhaps Frog should keep his nudge-nudge, wink-wink comedy routine to himself unless he has access to police and medical information the rest of us aren’t privy to.

  7. The injuries are not consistent with a fall. And at Mark’s place you use the lift, not the stairs, and also the door to the stairs are locked at that time, and Mark was found outside the locked area.

    I’ve been to Mark’s place many times. I’ve often been nervous with some of the people who have been loitering there. In the absence of any other evidence, I think it is churlish to suggest any explanation other than the logical one.

  8. David: I wasn’t in any way suggesting anything except that, if Mark can’t remember what happened, there must at least be some chance that he fell rather than being beaten up. The Dominion Post story didn’t really address this point, and I was just raising it as a possibility…

    Either way, one has to feel sorry for Mark – concussions are not fun experiences, especially not in the middle of an election campaign…

  9. Icehawk: Yeah, that’s an interesting point. Maybe he does remember *some* of what happened, which leads him to the assault conclusion. Or maybe he’s been told that his injuries are consistent with assault and not a fall. I just couldn’t quite understand how he could say both that he doesn’t remember anything and that he’s sure he was assaulted. Anyway, whatever happened, I don’t envy him these next few days. As you say, concussions are awful…

  10. Memory is a tricky thing. What the mind does when you remember is more like directing a play based on a partial script than like replaying a video tape.

    Which means that
    (a) He may be wrong (false memories happen when his mind tries to fill in some details and biases kick in)
    but also
    (b) He may well have some half-remembered impression without being able to remember details.

    Either way, poor bloke. Concussions can be _nasty_.

  11. pardon me fwwog, good try,but your prejudice is showing, so far, you are the only person in the country who thinks like that ; the injuries are not consistent with a fall, fwwog,
    A fall is more likely give a single sharp [ hard corner] or wide area [ flat surface] injury, that is if the eye was injured the cheek area would also almost certainly be affested,
    the injury to Blumsky eye does not include cheek injury.
    Along with this a fellow called Milsy on his blog is calling for violence against centre right,

    minus another 0.5% votes fwog, could even gets a landslides yet,

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