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  1. car bans = people buy an extra car and elect a ban for a different day on each *mwahaha cynic/smart*
    But yes I agree, fewer cars on the road would be great, I nearly get totalled by the bloody thing with alarming frequency

  2. Hey Jesus,
    If you’d been paying attention, you would have seen it coming.

    Take a look at the IEA’s “Saving Oil in a Hurry”

    Also the full version “Saving Oil in a Hurry: Measures for Rapid Demand Restraint in Transport”. It was on the IEA web site (for free) but they have now moved it to their bookshop as it is too controversial.

    “In most cases the measures have the effect of reducing private vehicle travel, either by reducing travel demand or
    encouraging shifts to public transit or other modes. The following general approaches were evaluated:

     Increases in public transit usage
     Increases in car-pooling
     Driving bans and restrictions
     Speed limit reductions”


  3. Yes, lets bring that back. Heck why stop at Tuesdays? Let’s do it everyday!
    It would be nice to ride my bike to work without breathing in all those fumes and without the threat of being run over.

  4. yes transport is wicked isn’t it let’s bring back the old days of not being allowed to drive your car on Tuesdays or something like that because the Green party is so sensible

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