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  1. Yeah sock, thats right, all I say is that this cartoon doesn’t work,
    it would backfire enormously, and also,
    you need to know that the public of NZ are no longer hysterical,
    like Green is, on the issue of American power:
    Brash has brought up this subject bacause our polls internal are very sure we will win, we will win, you will hear him saying “when we are the Govt” from now on, and you people will have to cower behind some one like Maharey, but you wont get one single river washed, and you will be isolated and alone soon on the Nu clean proactor issue.

  2. Sock Thief –

    I actually agree with you. Shame to see Frog – and the Greens – indulging in the cheap, brainless Amerikkka bashing that’s infects both the rabid right and the loony left in this country.

  3. Evidence of the very black and white world of Green anti-Americanism. This sort of sentiment is well past its use by date – the late 70s. frog is unable to entertain the idea that National wanting a different relationship with the US than we have now does not imply becoming subservient to the US.

    But old fashioned Leftist views of Amerika have never lead to any intelligent analysis.

  4. I’d just rather the man wouldn’t be a fool.

    And I’d also rather you posted cartoons with caricatures which looked like the figures. I can understand a bad drawer… but has he also never seen the colour of Brash’s hair?

  5. peterquixote,

    I’m sorry, but you’re becoming more incoherent. I’ve no idea what most of your posts mean, and I doubt anyone else can understand you either.

    Whatever your point is, I think that spending a bit more time on putting together coherent sentences will help us understand it. Please, could you focus a bit more on being able to be understood?

    Thank you.

  6. wouldn’ts work fwwog, the centre right settled on taxes. all we have to do is Hide him away till we get installed

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